Easy Garden Hose Repair — by Home Repair Tutor

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18 thoughts on “Easy Garden Hose Repair — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. Thanks, good tips. Saved me the trouble to try other methods. I just went straight to the metal mender and it works totally fine.
    All of my hoses now got menders.

  2. wow. i never would of thought of cutting the hose and using clamps to keep it together😮😄 that's a good idea. ive done that in car repair but not a water hose. ima try that 😁😁 thanks 4 the video my brutha

  3. You can also try a new washer before you try a new male end. For the adapters, I would recommend something not plastic (ie not from $1 store) but for more radiator clamps, you can get those at the $1 store. As a result, it's good to have an extra 1 or 2 menders on hand for when you need it, along with all those clamps. Of course, you have to be able to find it when you need it or it's just as good as not having it ready in preparation.

  4. nice one. thanks for the tip. I also liked the yellow block with slits that you used to saw off the ends of the hose. What is that one called? It seems like a very useful tool.

  5. Tips I can use! I have a problem, you might have an idea. Is there a way to make a hose, I only need a hose 10ft long and 3/4" opening, all of my hoses are 1/2" Hate to shell out big bucks for 3/4" hose- thanks

  6. Glad I found you!   tip – if you can't squeeze the end of metal repair unit into the hose, soak hose end in hot water for a bit and try again – it'll soften the hose up and you'll push that metal end right in!

  7. Hey, Jeff, thanks for another great video. I like to do everything myself that I can and never turn down the opportunity to learn new things. My husband is a General Contractor who was initially surprised at my hands on approach but now turns everything over to me. (smirk!) 

  8. Useful tips – thanks! I've had great success buying a hose that does not kink. Seems to allow a lot more flexibility and thus avoid the situation leading to a break in the hose. Enjoy your videos. Nicely put together 😀

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