Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running — by Home Repair Tutor

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  1. what if… it's none of those issues and still runs? the chain length is tight, the water stops about an inch below the overflow pipe, the cup thing rises with the water… still runs… I think the flapper just isn't right and maybe it doesn't seal all the way?

  2. Wow! I fixed the problem 2:45 into the video! All this time I kept erroneously adjusting the flapper chain when it was the height of the float that was the culprit! My bills have been running an average of $50 a month higher because of a running toilet. Thanks!!!

  3. My problem was the 3rd reason the float somehow was not adjusted properly I twisted to the right side and it stop running.
    it was non-stop running,
    no leaking just non-stop running but now it's fixed thank you

  4. I love this because you also show the older model. My toilet bowl has 8-22-49 etched into it, and even though I have a modern valve setup now, it could easily have been that old one. In my case it was just the screw, thank goodness.

  5. Hi Jeff. Thanks for this very helpful video. I watched it and was then able to determine the reason for the leak in my toilet was the flapper. I went to the hardware store, bought a new one for less than 5 bucks and changed the old one out with the new one in less than 2 minutes! A plumber would have charged me a lot more . . .

    I know you cannot cover everything in your videos, especially since you don't want them too long (like my comment). I bought the universal flapper but didn't know they come in different sizes. Perhaps if you quickly mentioned stuff like this it would save people even more time (I had to make two trips to the hardware store). Just a quick comment such as, "If you determine your flapper is the problem, take it out and take it to the hardware with you so you buy the right sized universal flapper. A universal flapper works with many brands of toilets but you sill have to buy the right size."

    Thanks again for the video, I appreciate you helping save me money!

  6. Thank you , this tips in your video worked for me. In my case the float was too high, and by screwing it to the left (adjusting the height) it resolved the issue. As a side note, I found that I also had to adjust the water shut off valve so that it balanced well with the float level. So for others having issues, try adjusting the float first and if that doesn"t work then follow by adjusting the water valve. 🙂

  7. Nice, clear explanation Home Repair Tutor. Many flapper kits have a yellow foam float on the chain. Does it matter where along the chain that float sits? As the tank fills with water the yellow float picks up. If too low can it slightly lift the flapper reducing its seal thus causing a leak into the bowl? Thanks.

  8. Thanks for suggesting this link, but this deals with a slow leak from the tank to the bowl. My problem is that the bowl is draining, not the tank. Based on other videos I've found so far, there's either a crack or something is causing wicking through the p-trap.

    A friend suggested I use a small mirror on a stick to try to see if there's anything causing the wicking, but I can't seem to find one, and I have no idea how to fix it if that's the case.

  9. what I have to do if there is no water is coming to flush tank from main tank. we use the main tank other places also bt it works properly. it is only not working in flush tank.plzz suggest me wt i hv to do??

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