Home Door Handles Loose or Broken DIY Fixes – Home Repair Series

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30 thoughts on “Home Door Handles Loose or Broken DIY Fixes – Home Repair Series”

  1. Couldn't figure out how to get the face plate off without destroying it. Watched your video. My handle also had the set screw, but I was able to loosen it and was good to go for the repair! Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I just fixed a door handle that has been loose for months. The hubby couldn't figure it out so I told him that I would you tube it. All fixed and working like new!

  3. Hello. Thanks for the video…I have door handle that came off (like from the end of the video) and it has that screw like lock….do I just keep turning the whole handle clock wise or counter clockwise depending on the positioning of the handle?

  4. Thank you! Unfortunately the face plate did not just slide off like your's did, so I had to pry it off by sliding a pointy metal nail file between the plate and the base where the screws are. After 20 minutes it came off and I was able to access the screws. Thanks again. Home repair stores are closed right now and so thankful I can lock my back door tonight. You are a lifesaver!

  5. My door knob has a broken return spring, so when you jiggle the handle after its been locked, it will unlock and open on its own…how do i fix a broken return spring?

  6. Thanks Robert. Mine had the handle with the set screw that needed the Allen wrench and while I was at it I tightened the whole thing up too Great video Thanks again

  7. Great video. We have a similar door handle in the laundry room that leads into the garage. It doesn't feel broken or loose, but it doesn't open the door when you pull up or down on the handle. We have to lift up and then down on the handle to open it. Is it indeed broken, or is it fixable? Thank you very much for your time and expertise!

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