How to Clean a Bathtub (FAST!!!) — by Home Repair Tutor

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46 thoughts on “How to Clean a Bathtub (FAST!!!) — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. Nah. – White Spirit is the best substance you can use for this kind of thing. You can pick up a bottle from the pound / dollar store.
    Use the white spirit with a dish sponge and it comes off effortlessly.

  2. Hi Jeff, my name is Dalu Peng, enjoy your bathtub cleaning vedio. If we could make it into a easy to use product, perhaps there is a good market for it.
    In 2011, I filed a patent application with OPIC, No. 2,696,140 " Battery and Mannul Powered Bathtub Ball Brush" . See if you are interested to pursue the avenues to make it into a product ? Any thoughts?

  3. just get a long stick soft brush for car washing from the automotive department, its so much faster and better and it gets in all the corners — no spray flying off the sponge while spinning and no electricity required. I can't imagine keeping fully charged batteries lying around just to clean bathrooms, especially more than 1 bathroom. and Lysol Mold and Mildew is the bomb. more effective than the kaboom…. I can clean a shower in 3 minutes with those two products. and the automotive brush is great for the floors too.

  4. I got a Powerball. Kinda expensive @ $27.00. It did an OK job, but it wasn't that great in the corners. Ran my cordless battery down pretty quickly. Jeff is right, though. Good for a 15 minute cleanup.

  5. How tough are the stains on the floor of the tub? That's what I have so much trouble cleaning… my acrylic tub also has tiny sand grain-sized bumps on the floor to reduce slipping, so it collects dirts/stain so quickly. I'm not sure if it's the products I'm using or my tools that aren't strong enough…

  6. It does help a bit if your the type of person that cleans there tub once or twice a month but if your the type that cleans it once every 2 to 3 months or longer then I would try to use the scrub brush cause the power ball dosnt completely get rid of the soap scum in the tub. I used it and I can still feel some gunk in the tub where I used the power ball on the bath walls yeah it helps a bit

  7. Much the same as my idea, I hav been polishing and repairing tubs, stainless steel sinks for some 30 years.i will be selling a professional kit to restore thesE items along with a video on how to very soon, the kit will contain all you need except cordless drill, ANY THOUGHTS PLEASE TKS

  8. You do more of this stuff than I do and I notice you wear rubber gloves.  From your experience, which brand glove gives you the best bang for the buck?  I also agree with your roofer that the leaf guards cause more grief than good.  But the "Holmes Inspector" has a different opinion. Because of editing, I guess, some things Holmes does are not explained well.  You on the other hand are crystal clear.

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