How to Install a Bathtub…American Standard’s Americast (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor

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10 thoughts on “How to Install a Bathtub…American Standard’s Americast (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. I had this very tub and returned it because the drain came down on top of my floor joist. It looks like you just cut the joist to make room for the black 45°.  Can you just cut away part of the floor joist?

  2. I love how he just throws everything together. Seriously I'm not being a smart ass. Goes quickly and smoothly. I have to contemplate every move as I have not done this before and I have to think about it so I am planning for the next move and so I don't screw it up. Nice to see some of my plans for shimming are also used by a professional. Thanks

  3. So you guys run your backer board over the tub flange? It's amazing how certain tile pro's say that is a terrible idea, then others think it's fine. I did my first couple tubs with the backer shimmed over the flange like you did, but the more research I did revealed why this was not necessary and actually a bad idea because the water will wick up into the backer if it's sitting near the deck of the tub. I find it much easier to sit my backer right against the top of the tub flange, then when tiling, the bottom row of tile slide right over the tub flange. This also eliminates most or all of the shimming of studs. I'm in Pitt as well, maybe I'll see u guys around!

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