How to Install a GFCI Outlet — by Home Repair Tutor

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18 thoughts on “How to Install a GFCI Outlet — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. I have a question. In my main bath there is a GFCI plug installed. My master bath has a regular plug but is connected to the main bath GFCI plug. The problem is it pops all the time when we plug things into our master bath then we have to walk to the other bathroom to reset it. Would installing a GCFI in my master fix the problem or would it just pop both?

  2. thank you at my house we need to install GFCIs in both are bath rooms one outlet is 20Amp and one is 15 so we ordered 3 20amp GFCIs because the downs stairs dineing room needed 20 amp grade gfcis (it 2 15 amp ones)

  3. I didn't catch how you figured out which black and white wires to pair up and cap? 2:35
    It wasn't from the plug itself, but I'm assuming you figured this out from where you saw them coming out of the box.

  4. Many longa ass videos, but is straight to the point and well done with out all that extra trash you don't need, one of the best. you save my live and hundreds of dollars.

  5. doesnt the old gfci outlet say "line" or "load" on them to tell which are line and which are load? why does every tutorial say to check it…cant you just put them in the same spots on your new gfci outlet?

  6. This is a great video.  Every step is explained well and shown clearly, with no shortcuts.  Had to wade through some bad ones before finding this one…glad I did.  Excellent job!

  7. great explanation but your outlet has 2 wires coming out of the wall for a total of 6 wires your dealing with. mine has 3 wires coming out of the wall for a total of what would be nine wires, only problem is the wires that drop from the attic have not only a black and white wire, but there is a red one not counting the ground.  (the clump of wires coming from attic has black, white, red, ground instead of just 3 wires.)  I also have a pig tail of 4 whites and a pig tail of black and red and ofcourse a pig tail of all those grounds. .i have tried many combinations and one actually works were it not for in that combination my living room outlet suddenly does not  work. house built in 1990..

  8. A question re a GFCI in my kitchen.  After a power failure the GFCI red and green lights are on.  The outlet works fine.  Even when I use the reset button, the red light and green light still stay on.  How can I fix this or do I need to?  Thank you

  9. Jeff, first gfi recep you removed had both hot wires connected to same gold screw, was load attached to first gfi not protected? just wired in parallel with it? great video!

  10. Will it be the same to change from a regular outlet to gfci outlet in my bathroom? My bathroom has a regular outlet. I won't be the one changing it but I'm just curious. Thank you.

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