How to Remove an Oil Stain from Concrete — by Home Repair Tutor

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  1. Kitty Litter is meant to be used when the oil is FRESH..Oops! I spilled some oil…better put kitty litter on it..! NOT when it's had time to dry…BEST method I've found is a grinder and flap wheel/grinding disc..OR you can try a torch like you use to burn weeds, to soften/warm up the oil…You can also soak it with a liquid cleaner and then blast it off with a pressure washer, but it has to be a powerful, gas pressure washer, preferably one that sprays HOT water..

  2. Found Drylok Etch (its a powder you mix with water) on the Lowe's & Home Depot store websites, not avail on Ace site.  5of5 stars by 1 reviewer on Lowes who used it on their basement floor prior to applying epoxy.  Says use a mask because they did encounter vapors.  I will use just the Drylok & not waste my time with the TSP product as I don't see the logic in messing with both & will save time.  As far as the TSP Surface Prep on this vid I only found TSP All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner (powder & liquid) Р-I use TSP All Purpose powder for cleaning drywall prior to interior painting.  Its touted as a great cleaner for Decks and Siding cleaner.  The above dry powders are mild acids, so I use gloves & goggles.  The Lowes Drylok product descript says it is a great safer alternative to Muriatic Acid Р-I concur is safer & safer to have around.  If I'm going to make this cleaning effort on our garage floor, then we're going to seal it afterwards with the Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield 2-Part Gray Gloss Garage Floor Epoxy Kit from Lowes.  Its got 5/5 stars from two reviewers.

  3. There are two videos demonstrating the kitty litter method that uses a brick (instead of tennis shoes) to grind/ground in litter into the stain. The results looked promising, plus it's a cheaper for cat owners

  4. go to home depot and buy heavy duty degreeser made by ZEP. it is 100% green and does not kill the grass around the driveway. WD-40, hich is an OIL so of course it will make your OIL stain worse, DAH. However, it does work on tar on my fishing boat.

  5. Hey, I have a little situation here. I just have finish a new concrete floor and after one coat concrete stain everything turns ok . But that the problem , we found out that's a mark on the floor and we try to polish it and put another time concrete stain only on the part I polish and its turn dark and looks very different with my original stain color . Please help and how can I get I remove ? Thank you for helping everyone .

  6. Hey! So about a year ago I watched a YouTube video about using a stencil and tireshine foam to pull a prank on a friend. I watched several videos and all of them said that the design would fade in a few months. A year later and they ( I created multipe A&M logos on my Bama fans driveway and sidewalk!) haven‚Äôt faded in the least! I want to clean up my mistake and I watched the YouTube video you made about cleaning up oil stains. Will this method work on the shine stain? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Help! ūüėä

  7. Kitty Litter on top of the TSP astounding when I swept it up after 30 minutes soaking a 20 year old oil stain. I knew something had happened when the gray litter was black. Swept it away the area dried and it was as if a stain was never there now I can paint the floor thanks

  8. great video! not only quick and efficient use of time while still showing application and effect, but also shows four different popular ways of removing oil and which work and which dont.
    one thing i might add is if you use kitty litter (i only recommend this on bumpy concrete such as driveways, not smooth concrete like garage floors), a brick can make a huge difference. if the brick is used to grind the kitty litter into the concrete using circular motions, it makes a big difference! still not nearly as noticeable as tsp or the drylock etch, but if you have a kitty to steal litter from its an easy and quick fix that does make a difference!
    again, thanks for the video!

  9. kittie litter works best if you use the gray kind and ground it in just as you did. The best method I've ever done is gas dab it on to the stain let it sit for a minute or two then light it and let it burn off. What happens here is the gas breaks down the viscosity of the oil which then evaporates when burned off. Please be carefull if you do this small area at a time I'm not responsible if you burn yourself or burn down your garage.

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