How to repair your mobile home floors 2

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4 thoughts on “How to repair your mobile home floors 2”

  1. I would like to know how do the studs for the floors run. Length wise of the MH or Width of the MH??? Or Does it matter. I am needing to replace my floor in the Laundry room after having a busted pipe (galvanized) which now I have had all lines replaced with the colored pipes plastic. Now I also have to get the underlining of the MH replaced in areas that the plumber tore up to get to replace the new pipes.

  2. Hey Drew when videoing don't you know how to talk and explain each step process???? Some of us are not contractors! We are DIY and that it why we look for guideance from you more experenced people .You kind of made it to where I am lost a little more than I astarted.

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