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22 thoughts on “How to Tell if You Need a Roof Repair – ProMaster Home Repair”

  1. This is typical NEW construction work or not , by monkeys who don't know or don't care how to install a quality roof . You want an installer who loves his job and is proud of his work .

  2. that's why I only hand nail roofs it might take longer to do and I might charge more than other guys but my jobs come with a ten year labor warranty also I'm not just the boss I'm up in the roof working and inspecting my guys work all day long that's why when you're looking for a roof replacement always ask if they're going to be actually working and how many years of warranty they'll give you be smart and always have a written contract

  3. the shingles lift becuase they werent nailed on the tar line (thick part of shingle) not misalignment you dildos. tho misalignment is ugly and not excusable too…

  4. This is a typically badly laid roof. I would take it off. It will cause the homeowners nothing but misery, insuring that they will have to have it repaired each and every year. If you add up the cost of repair every year, they will have paid for a new roof in only 5 years. Get a licensed roofer, check his credentials, and buy a GAF roof that will last for 30-50 years, not just 10. 

  5. I have actually appreciated watching your own video recording concerning Rooftops. I recently began in roof covering plus found your company's information to be fantastically very helpful. I look forward to watching other of your videos. Can I inquire how long you have been in this kind of industry?

  6. Good video with good advice. Just out of curiosity….with the very first shingle you held up to the camera…shouldn't the fact that the cello strip was still on it have been a good clue that it was installed improperly and didn't have a chance of sealing to the one underneath it?

  7. that whole roof should have been replaced ,not repaired,(1)the roofer nailed high on the shingles,(2)4 nails per shingle,should be 6 nails,(3)pretty sure they used an air nailer,and blew threw the shingles,due to the shingles being frozen and brittle(4)it looks like the shingles were installed in colder weather causing them to buckle at the time of install,then when they warm up,they can,t lay down flat because there,s no room for expansion.don,t cut corners on the repair ,just redo it right.

  8. you never nail above the tar strip, further you never let roof cement drip out of the caulk gun all over the exposed face of the shingle. makes for a sloppy half ass looking job. I guess in this case you can blame the first contractor lol.

  9. Well done video! I'm in Cincinnati and have had some noticeable roof damage with the wind storms we've had this summer. Although my roof was probably installed properly, it's is at least 20-25 years old and is in need of replacement. Might have to give you guys a call!

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