mobile home floors and how to repair them

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  1. We are in dire need of hiring someone on a budget. We'll have to take another job just for that. At the mean time, looking for a contractor is going to be scary. Out of curiosity, if the walls need to be change also, do we change the walls first? Our mobile home got aged damage and neglect by former homeowners.

  2. This is some thing that a contractor dosent want you to know . I had a weather line come apart on the washer supply ( hot weather ) the subfloor sagged , I got ti dried out in enough time so the sub floor didn't crumble so what I did was went to a saw mill got a 5 gallon bucket of saw dust dried it for about a week then I painted the area wilt oil based enamel (with partial board you can't use any thing weather based ) I mixed about 3/4 of a gallon of enamel with saw dust made a paste , make share you coat the area with enamel first other wise the paste may not stick, pour the filler in to the low spot and trowel it out and you can compress the filler with the trowel,after the enamel dry's it will look like an asphalt road patch . Bare in mind this was done on a patch that was about 36"x24 between the two by sixes running across the floor after four or five days the patch will set up hard and for the most part will be weather proof. In the case of larger damage you will more than likely have to replace the flooring also bare in mind patch was in area that there isn't a contusions leek . Hop this helps someone out , filled in low spot for $30.00 the price a gallon of enamel.

  3. How thick do you think the floors are on a 1998 mobile home. I want to sand the floor before i put linoleum down cause there is pee stained in the floor from my dogs. I don't want to sand too deep.

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