Reinforce and Burglar Proof Your Entry Door — by Home Repair Tutor

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21 thoughts on “Reinforce and Burglar Proof Your Entry Door — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. The bolt guards are to reinforce the door, keep it from splitting… by not installing them you wasted your time!
    I'm a retired locksmith,+ OJT… I use the complete wrap around covers to reinforce/repair wood doors.

  2. i love diy instruction video of people who do not know the topic, or who are learning as the video is being made lol. oh you dont need to predrill if you have an impact driver gur gur gur

  3. The term you want to use when you are cutting the space for a hinge or the security devices you are talking about is mortise. "Grooving out" is something I did in the 60s, and it had nothing to do with installing security devices :). Another suggestion, if the work you're doing calls for drilling a pilot hole, then you should drill a pilot hole. It makes no difference whatsoever what kind of drill you use to insert the screw into the wood. The type of drill does not negate the need for a pilot hole. Nevertheless, your security ideas are good. However, to use the word "burglar proof" is far from accurate. Burglar resistant maybe, but to claim something is burglarproof means that I burglar will have no chance under any circumstances for success. Given enough time, a burglar with the right tools can get in anywhere they want to.

  4. I don't know, but I would of took the striker plates off installed the reinforcing plate first and put the striker plates over it so the latch would not be beating the crap out of its self on the edge of the plate.

  5. wow this is amazing. I had a very creepy experience with a cab driver a few months back and have since been trying to reinforce my homes safety. I had no idea you could do this! you tube can be an amazing place😊

  6. Had 4 break ins over the last 20 years (home & office) and not once did they try the doors. Broke a window, entered, unlocked from the inside 🙁
    Well, now I have cams outside and inside with motion sensor triggers, remote access and automatic cloud upload. So good look finding a 'recorder'.

  7. The door is only as strong as it's weakest spot. Since no door shields that go over locks were installed, the wood within the lock area will easily break when kicked. Sand off some wood to make the shield fit

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