Roxul Insulation in the Bathroom (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor

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28 thoughts on “Roxul Insulation in the Bathroom (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. it's been a year since you posted this video but I am now going to use Roxul. I am in the process of buying my first home and the attic was remodelled. Behind the knee wall, there is a little fiber glass. Planning to take it all out. This give-away would greatly appreciated. 😉

  2. Thanks very much. We live in Canada. Some winter temperatures are as cold as -40 degrees celsius . So premium insulation is a requirement where we live. We are insulating our garage shortly. The give away would be great. Thanks

  3. I would love to enter the drawing! I'm 21, about to start my first big home repair project at my great aunt's 1933 house. I'll be removing the little insulation there is in the attic and fully insulating it. I was planning on using standard fiberglass insulation but I think I'll go with roxul after hearing about it and watching this video. I like that it's made from natural stone and how easy it is to shape and fit into those awkward corners. If this project goes well I may also insulate other parts of the house. I've always wanted a good respirator mask, and I'll definitely need one for this and future projects! Thanks for your consideration and awesome videos!
    – Joe

  4. The Roxul looks amazing- so much better than fiberglas! I want to waterproof and insulate the walls of my walkout basement; but have been putting off the project until I have the plans all together. Between this video, and your one on sheetrocking, I'm almost there! Love these tutorials you offer- they make it so much easier for females who want to do it on our own!

  5. i'd really like to use roxul for my bathroom as well. I am not the owner of the house but I am the one that lives there and it is FREEZING in the winter, I use a bathroom heater and HOT in the summer ,I use a window fan. So this may be something I will look into. thank you!

  6. Great stuff and good timing. I found two lose tiles in my shower that revealed that none of the tile were sealed….mold rot etc. I had to take out the tub, shower stall and vanity. I am about to put insulation in. Your channel is great. Thanks….this is why I need the kit:)

  7. Thanks for another helpful video Jeff. I'd never heard of Roxul before, but I'll definitely consider it for future projects. I didn't have a lot of the things in the repair kit when I worked with/around insulation in the past, and they would have been very handy. We needed pull back the insullation in our attic, put in vents on the edge so that there would be air flow to the outside soffit, and then put the insulation back in. It wasn't a lot of fun (especially since it was probably 95-100 degrees up there).

  8. Roxul is definitely the way to go. Heard many great things about it. The kit would be great for me because of my upcoming kitchen demo and remodel! Thanks Jeff. Your videos are greatly appreciated

  9. I am redoing all exterior walls in our house with that insulation. We put the safe and sound inside the interior walls and I love it how easy it is to handle and not dust like fiberglass. I usually cut with a bread knife for clean lines. I still have half the house to go, I'd have a great use for the kit.

  10. Roxul is great for the same reasons mentioned in your vid. I will be removing all the old fiberglass insulation in my attic and replacing it with Roxul, but waiting for winter cause it's a scorcher up there, to boot…crawl space only, ughhhh! Thanks Jeff.

  11. I really liked how easy it seems to be to install, also the one thing that really impressed me was that it is water resistant. I just removed some drywall from another bathroom and it was full of mold glad to know there is a product for insulating that resists water and therefore mold.

  12. This is the first I've ever heard of Roxul but something I'll look into! Our attic (in southwest Florida) has blown in insulation but I've been told that it's worth adding insulation along the roof to help repel heat. Something to consider! Thank you, again, for another helpful video!

  13. Thanks, Jeff.  I appreciate your work on these videos.  Why do I need the insulation safety kit?  My house needs a great deal of work.  My bathroom is also next to an outside wall, leaks and has mold.  The plywood around the shower is rotting away and the shower itself (stand up) has 3 nicked holes in the base. (How those got there I have no idea but I am guessing one of my three sons dropped something to cause it…could not be my wife as she won't even go into my shower because she's afraid the flooring will collapse when she is in the shower.)

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