Tips on Caulking Wide Gaps : Home Sweet Home Repair

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27 thoughts on “Tips on Caulking Wide Gaps : Home Sweet Home Repair”

  1. Alex Plus is one of the worst caulks for that application. It's cheap for good reason. It shrinks and cracks soon and often. It is simply not stable under the duress of substrate movements. This is especially true on exterior applications. Alex Plus is, at best, an aesthetic caulk or temporary fix — not a weatherproof sealant or long-term solution. Therefore, never use Alex Plus for exterior cracks and gaps. Instead, use a water-based elastomeric such as Big Stretch or Dynaflex 230 (by the makers of Alex), or a solvent-based elastomeric like OSI Quad or BASF NP-1 or Lexcel. All that said, Alex Plus can be okay for hairline (1/8" or smaller) gaps on interior applications within dry, conditioned spaces such as bedrooms or closets. Still, it's worth paying an extra couple bucks per tube on a far-superior product which will last 5x, 10x, 25x longer in any application.

  2. Just what I needed. Because the kitchen floor in my old house is unlevel, the gap between the stove top and the counter goes from zero to 5/8 inch. This technique worked beautifully to fill it. Thank you Nicholas!

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